Logo of Exaudit International, representing our intermediation role between The Netherlands and Italy being 'your partner in engineering communication', is our target and slogan
map of Europe we are the arrow connecting for you Italy and Holland we have a strong esperience in international automotive projects, among which exaust systems
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Welcome to the website of Exaudit International!

We can offer you several kinds of international engineering services.

Can our services be your winning card?

your cards are your resources, among which our international engineering services

Please check the following points:

  • Does your Company have customers/ suppliers in Italy?
  • Does your Company have customers/ suppliers in the Netherlands?
  • Does your Company have customers/ suppliers in North-West Germany?
  • Does your product have a technical/ engineering content?
  • Do you need some support in handling international projects?
  • Do you need trusted external resources?
  • Would you like to improve your communication between the Netherlands/ North-West Germany and Italy?

If some of the last points are true, maybe you have to consider new opportunities to improve your international projects with us!

Which kind of international services?

Project management, key account management and project engineering What we do

What makes us different from commercial agents?

What do companies normally choose to expand their international business? They look for a sales referent abroad. This is often the first step, and this is not what Exaudit International mainly does. If you already have contacts/ projects, and you want to manage them from your head quarters, you sometimes need extra help, to handle technical aspects but also mentality differences. What are your options? Try and involve…

  • A technical-commercial agent?
  • An interpreter?
  • A native speaking key-account manager in your head quarters?

This is not always enough. That's why Exaudit International can be the right solution for you.

How can we support your success?

We are the partners that can work together with your team. We offer you more flexibility. You don't need to invest in additional resources. We understand your product and engineering problems, we establish the strategy with you, put our experience on your disposal and we can support you with a network of native-speaking consultants. You decide which form our help should take, from a one-day support activity to projects stretching over several months or years.

We would like to learn more about your product and communication needs, contact us and find out how we can contribute to your international success!

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