Logo of Exaudit International, representing our intermediation role between The Netherlands and Italy being 'your partner in engineering communication', is our target and slogan
map of Europe we are the arrow connecting for you Italy and Holland we have a strong esperience in international automotive projects, among which exaust systems
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We are a young company formed by a group of dynamic qualified engineers with good communication and language skills. Some of us are Dutch some other Italian. We all have relevant international experience. Besides the Netherlands and Italy, we have worked and lived in Germany and in the UK and we can therefore count on a large network of contacts in these countries.

We fulfil new needs stemming from today's increasing globalisation processes, where a better technical communication between countries is necessary. OEMs are involving more and more external companies of various nationalities in their projects. The cooperation is becoming more and more complex and international contacts are often difficult to handle. Sometimes it is even difficult to find the right interface! Further mentality differences can create large misunderstandings, even in Europe, just around the corner!

Some advantages of choosing us:

  • We help you with the technical communication in your projects, you can concentrate on the details.
  • We analyse your needs, your targets, and we focus on your strengths to choose the right way to communicate with your customers.
  • We are engineers, so we can understand the technical details.
  • As an external company we maintain the overview, but at the same time we can work very close to you, and become your business partner.
  • You save time and money because you can count on native speaking engineers, at your disposal, at any time, in the country of your business.
  • You can involve us whenever you need to, also for short periods.
  • We don't impose you our methods, we focus on your company and we adapt our experience to your needs.
  • You can count on our absolute discretion and professionalism.

A group of friends fond of technique. Foto 1958

Ready to ride in the future making treasure of the experience of the past

Our mission

Understand and fulfil the customer's needs, support him in his international technical communication processes and be active part of his success. Generate new business opportunities. Grow in experience as company and as individuals.

Our vision

We believe that with the help of Exaudit International for more and more customers it will be easier to successfully handle international projects.

Our values

We believe in people and we are interested in the experience of each individual, from which we can grow together. We are continuously aiming at improving and learning from the results of our work.